• Got fed up with the countless ads that keep playing and flashing on your screen? So are we! This is exactly why we came up with an ingenious solution — Adlesse Lite — an ad replacement add-on. What it does is swop annoying ads and banners for something you can actually make use of, like news feeds, twitter feeds, weather forecast and tons of other handy widgets. Isn't it fantastic? You browse the Web every single day, would it not be fair for you to have your say on what you do and don't wish to see there?

  • The web of today is positively all about socializing. However, there are a few distractions out there that stand in the way of enjoyable and effective communication with others.

    With Adlesse Lite you no longer have to be distracted by annoying ads. It makes it possible for you to choose to have a fully functional Twitter client instead of ads on your Facebook page! From now on your two favorite social services are on the very same page. Amazing, right?

  • When doing a school project or a business research do you click on the very first link, believe every word you read and consider the task done? Hardly! What if the info there is irrelevant, outdated, inaccurate or misleading? You need more sources. We have taken care of this, too. Adlesse Lite instantly brings up results from Bing, Wiki and Twitter on Google search page and places them instead of ads.

    Take full advantage of Adlesse Lite ad replacement technology!

    Whenever you are browsing the Web, you get distracted by millions of bytes of the information you did not really ask for. No doubt this does not make your search efficient and entirely enjoyable. And just think of all the obscene visuals you can come across. Whether you are a student doing research, a parent being cautious about the amount of junk on the Web or a regular web surfer, you can benefit tremendously from using Adlesse Lite. No more unwanted ads. No distractions.

Shape Your Web!

Back in the 1990s the Internet was a project run and supported by enthusiasts. Its sole purposes were sharing information and insuring open communication without any borders or governments. Today things are strikingly different. The Internet has become an important part of our daily lives both with its benefits and drawbacks, the latter include commercialization and webpage ads as a result. Not only do animated and flash ads stand in the way of your Web browsing experience, but they also slow down your computer and crash your browser.

Experience the Internet anew, forget about ads! It is you who defines what your Web looks like!