• Privacy Policy

    This a temporary privacy policy. The complete and final version of our privacy policy is coming soon and will be available on this page. For now, we would like to inform you about some key points.

    Adlesse uses a number of subsystems on our various sub-domains. For instance, stat.adlesse.com is a statistics system we use to gather important data that is used to optimize our operations. We assure you that all the hits on stat.adlesse.com are anonymous.

    The subdomains lite.adlesse.com and dispatch.lite.adlesse.com are used for the internal system organization, we anonymously collect statistics of clicks on the elements of our widgets in order to make the widgets more convenient for you. Statistics is collected anonymously and can not be tracked to an individual user.

    We respect and protect your privacy.

Shape Your Web!

Back in the 1990s the Internet was a project run and supported by enthusiasts. Its sole purposes were sharing information and insuring open communication without any borders or governments. Today things are strikingly different. The Internet has become an important part of our daily lives both with its benefits and drawbacks, the latter include commercialization and webpage ads as a result. Not only do animated and flash ads stand in the way of your Web browsing experience, but they also slow down your computer and crash your browser.

Experience the Internet anew, forget about ads! It is you who defines what your Web looks like!