• How to uninstall Adlesse Lite

    If you want to drop the Adlesse Lite extension and see Ads back in your Google pages you can uninstall the extension. Locate "Adlesse Lite" group in your start menu then choose "Uninstall Adlesse Lite" item.

Shape Your Web!

Back in the 1990s the Internet was a project run and supported by enthusiasts. Its sole purposes were sharing information and insuring open communication without any borders or governments. Today things are strikingly different. The Internet has become an important part of our daily lives both with its benefits and drawbacks, the latter include commercialization and webpage ads as a result. Not only do animated and flash ads stand in the way of your Web browsing experience, but they also slow down your computer and crash your browser.

Experience the Internet anew, forget about ads! It is you who defines what your Web looks like!